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Submission Rules

Everyone is free to join this group to sell and buy adoptables. Just click on the join button and you are automatically accepted. But please remember, this group has rules and STANDARDS

Group Rules

Click to read the Rules

What is accepted :

:bulletgreen: Paypal as a Payment Option

:bulletgreen: Humans

:bulletgreen: Anthros
    Note: The definition of Anthros are humanoids with animal-like characteristics. Like fur, animal ears, tails, and/or any other animal-like characteristics you could think of. They resemble humans more than animals and they should be standing on two feet

:bulletgreen: Mythical Humans

:bulletgreen: Original species
    Note: They have to be more human-like and not animal-like. Original species that has humanoids transforming into animals are accepted as long as it provides the human design in the sheet.

:bulletgreen: Outfit Adopts
    (Adoptables that contains clothing designs only instead of the whole character)

:bulletgreen: Point adopts are acceptable BUT it also has to have real money as a payment option!

What is Not Accepted :

[Things that will automatically decline your submission(s) from the group]

:bulletred: Points-only Adopts | Free Adopts | Adoptable Giveaways

:bulletred: C L O S E D Adoptables

:bulletred: Any sort of animal adoptable that doesn’t contain a humanoid form. No animal designs only, please.

:bulletred: Maker Adopts

:bulletred: Adoptables made with Free-to-use linearts or bases

:bulletred: Adoptables made with Pay-to-use linearts or bases

:bulletred: Low-quality Adopts

:bulletred: Prices that isn't worth the quality of the Adopts

:bulletred: Fandom Gijinkas
    (Even if majority of the sheet contains adoptables that are acceptable into the group, just containing one fandom gijinka in the sheet will automatically decline your submission.)

:bulletred: Fan-character Designs

Please, Do not be offended if your submission(s) has been rejected

Please reread the “What is Accepted” and “What is Not Accepted” section to understand why your submission has been rejected.

If you feel that your submission(s) that was declined does not contain anything that was listed in the “What is Not Accepted” section, please feel free to ask the reason. Either through comment or note and I will get to you as soon as I can.

R E M I N D E R : This group is called "W O R T H" it Adoptables. Please understand that this group has standards that we must uphold that would match the name of the group. And we mainly judge the submissions by the details in the adopts, NOT the quality of the artwork.

Thank you~



Hey Everyone,

I would like to inform you that there will be some changes to this group that I will be making. Seeing that the original founder has actually placed this group under my care, I have full rights to monitor and make changes to it. If the original founder does come back and doesn't like the changes that I have made, then they are free to inform me about it and change it back. So, I would like to warn every member in this group about it for when it happens.


I've been thinking about it for the longest time and have accepted the use for any adoptables that contains any bases that are F2U and P2U. The only reason that the rule for the use of any adoptables made on a base, that's not your own, aren't accepted because it was believe that it doesn't show effort in creating an adoptable or outfit. I've thought about it long and hard and decided that it isn't the case. As long as the design of what you are selling are worth the price you've made and that it is detailed enough, it should still be worth selling in this group. But please do remember to credit the person of the base you are using to show them some respect and understanding that you are using something that is theirs.

Adoptables made on F2U / P2U bases are now acceptable within the group

YCH / Custom Submissions

I would like to inform you that any submission that are a YCH (your character here) are actually considered commissions and should be submitted into the "Custom and Commissions" folder. I will not deny any submissions that are a YCH slot type of thing as long as it's in the right folder. I will inform you if it is in the wrong folder, unless I have forgotten, and it will automatically be denied.

Customs are also considered as commissions since they cater to the needs of each commissioner. Starting from right now, the same process as with the YCH submissions will be in effect with customs. If you would like to show off a custom you have created, they should also be submitted into the "Custom and Commissions" folder.

Help is Needed??

The reason for the lack of activity for this group is because I am actually managing this group alone at the moment on both of my accounts (Mochiroon / Jauturna). The original founder is inactive indefinitely and the third person has personal reasons that they must attend too. I won't bother them as much since we all do have RL situations that we must attend to which makes it slightly difficult for us to manage this group alone. That is why there are limitations to how many submissions (per folder, if I remember correctly) are accepted into the group. I would like to open up those limitations a little bit more but that is currently difficult at the moment.

So, sometime in the near future I will be posting up a separate journal asking if any of you would like to help me in maintaining this group. There are definitely a few perks in being a part of the admin team as long as you follow the rules of the group. What I require of those that are planning on helping me out when I post the journal up are:

Minimal knowledge in Managing a group
Decently active on dA (Like always checking in on your inbox and other group messages)
Basic Understanding of the Current group RULES

That is all I require of you when you are an admin in this group. I will be looking for a set amount of people when I start looking for help and I will be assigning simple tasks for you to do. And just so that I know that you have at least skimmed through the rules and understood at least the main parts of them, there will be keywords/passwords hidden somewhere in the rules that you are required to find. So once the journal is up, you are more than welcome to sign-up to become an admin.

More Journal Entries


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